Bad P/S? System won't 'cold' boot.

Hi there, looking for some insight on a recent issue.

Have a new M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 mobo, Phenom X6 1055T processor, OCZ 850w P/S.

Recently my computer is very sluggish turning on, the LED's on the fans flash for 10s and I can hear the fans power up, gradually getting faster and leds getting brighter.
After 20s the PC actually POSTS but the SSD HD is not detected.
I then reboot and all is well, Windows loads fine. This only happens if the system hasn't been on for a while, its fine rebooting or starting if the PC's been off for an hour.

Once the system is running it works like a charm and have no stability/speed issues.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. There have been a few of these complaints lately. I wish I had kept track of the threads.

    Anyhow, since you say "recently", I assume your rig worked well for a while.

    Do you pull the plug from the wall when the PC is not in use? Or turn off the ups or power strip (same effect)? If so, I might try replacing the CMOS battery.

    But more likely this is a psu issue. If you have another psu of almost any wattage, try slapping it in and seeing if the boot issue disappears. Even if the psu is severely underpowered, it would suffice to get you into Windows boot when the graphics drivers are loaded, then crash or freeze. Or you could boot into Safe Mode and avoid the driver load. In either case, you'll know whether psu is the problem.

    I guess before trying the new psu, I would try clearing CMOS and reloading BIOS defaults, but I doubt that is really the issue.
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