New Eyefinity system... any suggestions?

I want to set up a new system with 3 1600x1200 monitors for gaming.

What graphics card do you recommend?

What problems will I run into trying to set this up?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!!!
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  1. How much can you spend on this? My suggestion would probably be two 5870s--but thats like $800. Maybe try one and if it doesnt cut it get another?
  2. I'm hoping to be able to do this with one card.
  3. So are you asking for an entire system suggestion? or just the card? If you already have a system or any part of one you would need to post it.

    Also... do you wanna be able to play a FPS like crysis on three monitors full settings, or something less demanding like say, starcraft II?

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  4. I agree with deadlockedworld, it will mostly depend on games as some can easily be maxed out with a 5870 while others will struggle even with a 5970.
  5. A 5870 should be able to play most games nicely.
    If you want to max out all games (expect for Crysis) then a 5970 is what you want.
    A severely OC'd 5850 is also very good.

    Depends on monitor size, 3 x 1920x1200 is a 5850/5870 minimum.
  6. Have a look on youtube --> Bad company 2 eyefinity....
    They can get 35+ frames running 3x 1080p monitors with a single 5870 and an i7
    so 1 5870 should be well enough if you're only planning on running 16x12
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