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So i have been playing around with my CPU to try to reach the lowest voltage to sustain 4.6ghz. So far i am at 1.190v doing 20 passes of IBT. My main question is i am experiencing this vdroop issue. At one point during the IBT my vcore was at 1160v. How extreme of a issue is this and what can i do to eliminate?

Note: I will continue to tweak till i get optimal voltage settings followed by a 12 hour Prime95 test.

Took some Photos:

Vdroop during IBT:
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  1. I was able to get the system stable at 1.6v @ 4.6ghz. Had to play with LLC, voltage set to 1.55v in bios but due to LLC comes out to 1.6.
  2. Man - looks like you landed one hell of a chip. I am kinda in disbelief and had to look at the photos a couple times.

    Having a VID of 1.18 @ 4.6GHZ seems unreal for an ivy bridge system. Have you checked for WHEA errors?
  3. I have checked. There are no Hardware Errors listed. Only errors i found were a couple Application errors from a couple days ago. Still doing stabilizing tests. Haven't done a test longer than 4 hours yet thou. My temps were sitting at around 60 with spikes up to 68-70. This weekend i will try to do a 12 hour test.
  4. Grats on your chip then! Awesome.
  5. Adroid said:
    Grats on your chip then! Awesome.

    I thought 1.6 volts for any kind of overclock was a big no no. I don't undrestand. :??:
  6. Its a typo Charles... His VCORE is 1.16V @ 4.6 GHZ which is freaking awesome.
    Look at the thumbnails

    But yes you are correct 1.6V ifor a 3770K is over the intel recommended maximum and would probably damage or destroy your CPU in a jiffy
  7. Haha Woops. Just noticed the typo my bad. HAHA!!!
  8. codeman553 said:
    Haha Woops. Just noticed the typo my bad. HAHA!!!

    Wanna trade cpu chips? :D
  9. Haha no thanks. I like my cpu. It maxing out at 65C on the hottest core during stress tests. I feel like i could push for 5ghz but i dont see the point right now. I guess i could say i hit the 5ghz mark. I now have it set into offset voltage mode. The Cpu Idles at around 17-20C.
  10. Mind breaking down how to get the offset voltage for me. I have the same cpu and right now everything is on auto with multi @ 42 and turboboost and all power saving features disabled. I would like to set the multi to 45 and adjust the vcore using offset mode, but I wouldn't know where to start . I have a gigabyte GA-Z77x UP5 Th Mobo. :??:
  11. Well basically offset mode is a trial and error process. The first thing i would do is manually adjust your voltage during your stress testing when trying to achieve 4.5ghz. Once you have manually adjusted your voltage to a stable voltage for you OC then you want to change to offset. What i did was I went into my bios changed my Vcore voltage from Manual to Offset than saved and reset. Once system reset i reloaded bios and looked at what the vcore is set at as default with no +/- added to the offset. From this point you should +/- the difference between the default offset to what your voltage was before. I found this guide on Overclocking with Offset voltage : http://forum.overclock3d.net/showthread.php?t=38867. I havnt read it but it may help you with understanding offset voltages. An expert on this forums might be able to chime in a little more or tell you what i am saying is garbage but this the way i did it.

    Note: take into account the Vdroop. Depending on what setting you have for your CPU LLC. At one point my droop dropped voltages from 1.16 to 1.132 witch than BSOD my machine. After playing with the CPU LLC Levels i got it at 1.152-1.168 during stress tests.
  12. Thanks. Will give it a try right now. What did you set your vdroop setting to. This is the cpu load line calibration correct?
  13. Yes i set mine to Very High. If i went extreme it would go up by .12v.
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