Need advice in purchasing ATI HD 4890 or HD 5850

Am planning to buy a new pc(essentially for gaming and entertainment). My choice for graphic card is ATI HD 4890 1GB. But i have 2 serious doubts which peg me from buying this card. 1) Since this card has started to become obsolete (obviously because of the 5000 series), many manufactures like XFX, MSI, saphire, Zebronics have stoped shipping this cards in India. In my city (Chennai, India), only PowerColor stocks are still there. I think they too will stop it in a few weeks time. The point is, am a little skeptical about PowerColor. They are giving 3 yr warranty. But i dont know about their quality and reliability. Is it advisable to buy a PowerColor? 2) In case i buy the HD 4890, can i use this card for atleast 15-20 months to play the upcoming games with fair performance? I am not an ultimate gamer, but a smooth gaming experience is all i need. I have already looked into HD 5770 and 5850. While HD 5850 is a little too pricey for my budget(also requires more powered SMPS), the HD 5770 is not satisfactory as i need the performance of a HD 4890 or better.
So, can i buy the HD 4890 only available from PowerColor, or is it worth buying the pricey HD 5850? At the max i will be gaming for 2 years.
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  1. A 5850 will give you better performance + directx11 + Eyefinity support. Also, it will give you extra life before replacement. If I'm not mistaken, a 5850 uses less power than a 4890.,2433.html

    As for vendors, go with HIS/Sapphire/Asus/MSI/Gigabyte if you're not confident.

    Good luck. :hello:
  2. Yupe! I know 5850 is a damn good card and even better than the 4890. But at the moment its a little pricey for me. In India the difference is actually 130$ (6000 INR). I am satisfied with the 4890, as its a monster itself and i believe i can play games are a fair performance for next 15 months or so.

    The only problem is, I have only PowerColor stocks in my city (or even in India). MSI/Sapphire/Asus/MSI all have stopped shipping it. So is PowerColor good to go? If it is seriously not recommended, then i have to find a way to buy the 5850.
  3. what size monitor and what CPU do you plan on buying?
  4. Powercolor is fine, simple as that.
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    if your budget doesnt stretch to a 5850 then go the 4890.

    as omgitzfatal mentioned powercolor should be ok.

    if im not mistaken, its a stock standard card with a powercolor label on it.
  6. You could probably take a look at the 5830 if it is sold there. It will give you a performance gain from the 4890 with less power and 5000 series qualities for around the same price.
  7. Thank you guys for ur help! I think i have more confidence with PowerColor now than before. Plus its also a reference card.

    As soundefx said, I will also look out for 5830 in my market, as its just now released! At the moment I am thinking about going with the 4890. Am planning to buy the pc in abt 2 weeks time.

    Btw, my configuration is:

    AMD Phenom X4 - 955 BE,
    DDR2 - 4GB - Corsair,
    Seagate 500 GB,
    Corsair VX 450 - PSU,
    Samsung 2233sw 21.5" Full HD
  8. 4890 is a great card even as single card setup. It s more than enough for most games.

    If thats what you can afford you will be happy with its performance.

    Make sure you have a good PSU and sufficient cooling in your case. 4890 consumes a lot of power and generate considerable heat.
  9. @Leon, thanks for ur support. Is corsair vx 450 not enough for 4890? if not what do you recommend? From cooler master anything?
  10. Corsair vx450 is plenty to power the 4890, i had a corsair 400w powering a 4870 1GB.
  11. jonpaul37 said:
    Corsair vx450 is plenty to power the 4890,.

    The vx450 would be the absolute minimum for this build, go for the 550 or higher if you plan on doing any overclocking or want some headroom.
  12. Alright! thanks for the heads up! Will lookout!
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  14. Just so any one knows, i went ahead and purchased the Powercolor HD 4890!
  15. Goodluck with your 4890....Enjoy
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