Prime 95 rounding errors?

What is the cause of the rounding error found in P95? (Rounding was 0.5 expected less than 0.4)

My PC is only 8 months old and after the first month I had random crashes. Turns out one of my memory sticks were bad, I replaced them and have not crashed since until about two weeks ago when I started OC'ing. I ran P95 and kept getting the rounding error, I reset to stock settings and still got the error. Can it be my sticks again or is my CPU or other component defective? I ran Memtest two nights in a row each time with 11 passes and it found no errors.
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  1. It would really help to know your specs so we can pinpoint what's going on. Either tell me your specs or put them in your sig. I have a2600k and had the same problem. It turned out my particular chip refused to cooperate with DDr3 ated at 1.6 Volts. I continued to produce rounding errors until I gave in and purchased 1.5V set. Some Sandy Bridge chips absolutely hate having their memory controller stressed.

    With that being said check to ensure everything in your Bios is set to default. Sometimes after an overclock it's easy to forget to readjust LLC)load line calibration) or some other goofy setting to its default setting.

    Also if nothing works you can always go into your Bios and choose (load optimized Default Settings) or something to that effect and see if you get any rounding errors after that. You can always tweak from there.
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