New Build Intel Processor & SSD questions

Im building a new system and can get an intel processor and SSD for 1/2 or retail price.

I will be using the system for gaming, movies and Office 2007 apps including some light excel work.

I know an I5-750 would fit my needs but since i can get any processor for 1/2 of retail price should i look at anything else?

Also what Intel SSD should i look at, something in the 128gb range would probabbly meet my needs, but im not sure which model i should look at.

Link to the build i am contemplating.
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  1. If you can get any Intel for 1/2 price, I see no reason not to at a minimum go with the i7 860 and would look at an i7 930 to see if the $150 price drop keeps the build in a good price range. Remember, you can never have to much CPU power (specially at 1/2 price).

    I would make the jump to the 128GB range if close to the original Intel X25-M G2 80GB cost. I have the 80GB drive and love it's performance and works nicely with the rest of my system (WD VRaptor (Games Drive) & Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB (Storage Drive)).
  2. Any other thoughs on this?
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