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I got an email today from BT saying that the Fair Usage Policy of 100Gbs has been exceeded this month and restrictions will be put in place to cap speeds at peek times to 1Mbps till the end of February. The broadband is not in my name, (I'm 16 and live with my parents), however I know the most in the family about computers and want to find out how we managed to exceed 100Gbs which has never happened before. We have an "unlimited" broadband package.

I play a fair amount of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, 170 hours since the game was released, about 50 hours this month. I wanted to know if it was me causing the limit to be exceeded? I have always thought that playing online games didn't actually download that much because it was just connecting to the server.

There have been 4 devices to the Home Hub, my PC - my laptop - my mum's laptop and my dad's laptop. We have been backing up files on my mum's laptop online but that can't have exceeded 10Gbs. There is a fair amount of audio streaming (spotify and podcasts on 3 of the units), a high a mount of HQ video streaming (Youtube, BBC iPlayer on 3 of the units) and high amounts of just general use of the internet (Windows Live Messenger, browsing the internet, twitter, my dad works online using email over a VPN), and my dad downloads podcasts through iTunes (About 50 this month).

I'm not interested in getting bandwidth monitors or anything like that, just to figure out what is causing the limit to be exceeded, I'm guessing its not one thing, but what is the main contributing factors.

Thanks very much
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  1. Frankly, if you're gaming and streaming audio, that's why you exceeded their pathetic "ulimited" limit. You need a different internet package -- and BT isn't renowned for the generosity of its offers, being a lazy monopoly company, at heart.

    You might try rattling their cage, just have a look at one of the broadband provider comparison sites and tell BT you're planning switching to Sky -- or whoever -- Virgin, 02 or Talk Talk all offer good deals -- unless BT can stump up a better deal.

    Most companies in this kind of market have a special cancellations team whose job is to step in when you cancel and try to offer you a deal which will persuade you to stay.
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