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With the assistance of the THC community I've completed my new Gaming Rig. Just wanted to say thanks for making it so damn easy. Here's the list of ingredients and a few pics of the final dish (sorry for the flash).

The system runs COD4, COD WaW flawlessly with stock clocks! Well... the Toxic 5850 is OC'd from the factory. :)

Funny story about the build....Completed the build including cable management before I powered it up....Guess what happened...YEUP... not a friggin thing, nada, no go, it was kaput. Went back through the wiring connections and was >< that close from pulling the PSU and considering it DOA. Well I figured before I stressed my heart and mind (and started on the crown royal) to do another check of the connectors and found that I missed one of the two pins on the 2pin PWR Connector (what a relief). Build was easy peasy Japanesey!!!

For those who are interested in the decision making process of the build CLICK HERE.

DVD Sony 24x (not a blue ray so who cares lol) $23.99
Case Thermaltake Element G $119.99
GPU Sapphire Toxic HD5850 $349.99
PSU Antec 650w $74.99
RAM G. Skill 4GB $119.99
MoBo GIGABYTE GA-P55A-UD4P $184.99
CPU Intel Core i5-750 $194.99
OS Windows 7 64bit (Pray for stability) $104.99
COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 $34.99
HDD Samsung SpinPoint F3 1TB
another $10.00 for thermal paste

Total Cost of Build $1309.00 + Shipping ($40)

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  1. looks nice enjoy it :)
  2. Now how long have you spent playing with the Fan LED's that change colour?
  3. Nice looking build... Good Job :)
  4. nice build, looks good too, now all you have to do is spend hundred more on games to use it with

    btw i like the case, its too bad that's the one thing i skimped out on ($30 rosewill case), mine is a little cramped but works fine (enough air flow)
  5. Nice build and well done on the cable management!
  6. Great build! I like how well you did your cable management! The inside looks good!
  7. citystreet said:
    Great build! I like how well you did your cable management! The inside looks good!

    the case has room between the mobo and the right side panel to hide cables in
  8. mindless728 said:
    the case has room between the mobo and the right side panel to hide cables in

    There is some room on the right side of the case, however there isn't enough for all the cables included with that psu. In picture #4 you can see a large split loom lying in the bottom of the case running along side the psu (that encases a good deal of wires and connectors). I could have stuffed them all under the HDD tray but I opted to ensure they couldn't come into contact with the case.

    Thanks for the comments, the cable management took about an hour to complete.
  9. That is a nice build. Love the red on the case. Jealous of the cable management you did.

    Good choice on the video card. I went with a 5770. It's enough, just wish I had gotten the 5850.
  10. Thanks...I like the nice look of a well managed case..

    I owe a great deal of gratitude to some of the guys here like andy5174, aford10 and LePhuronn they not only gave great advice they gave links to support their recommendations. I looked very hard at the nVidia GPU's until I was darn near force fed an eye opener on ATI's newer GPU's. Thanks again to the people who know what the heck they're talking about!
  11. looks good one sujustion lower the hard drive one slot so air will pas over the top alowing for cooling
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