Normal CPU Temp? 100% Fan Speed?

Was wondering about the normal temperature for my cpu and wether or not i should be concerned.

Just installed a new Zalman CNPS10X cooler, and so far idle is around 35-40C (with fan speed at 50%) and 28-32C (with fan at 100%)

Under load is around 49-54C with fan on 100%

22cm Fan on front, 22cam fan on side, 12cm exhaust fan.

Processor is Phenom 2 965.

Are these temperatures normal? I'm concerned i didn't apply the thermal paste correctly. (It wouldnt spread, at all)

And is there any way to automate the fan speed? It's pretty noisy at 100%

Thankyou in advance.
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  1. Automating fan speed depends on how you have connected it. Zalman heat sinks sometimes come with zalman fan controller (little black box with a knob to play with) I believe you need the 4 pin fan connector plugged directly into the motherboard to control it using software.

    Your idle tempratures seem normal but the load temps seem a little too high for that heat sink.

    Reseat the heatsink cleaning off the thermal paste and reapplying (only need a thin layer) and test again.

    do you know what your room tempreture was? and what case are you using?
  2. room temp is around 18c, and its an aplus twin engine a380...hand to move the side fan to the outisde of the case, heatsink was a bit big on the zalmans xD
  3. definately reseat the heatsink you should be getting better temps then that at 100% fan assuming your not overclocking. Those load temps are a little worrying its safe max is 62c i believe.
  4. Ok, so i reseated the heatsink, and apparantly i completely mucked it up the first time

    Sitting at 25-29C idle now and at full load in prime95, top so far is 36C, amazing

    thanks a lot :)
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