Do i need a heatsink to OC GPU

I have a radeon 7970, its stock clock is at 925 MHz I believe, and I want to OC it just a little bit to 975 MHz or at least 1000 MHz. Think i can do it without damaging my pc?
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  1. well i think im saying, can my PC not melt if i overclock it only 75 MHz?
  2. Just monitor load temps after overclocking, setting a manual fan curve for the gpu can help with temps. I use msi afterburner for overclocking, monitoring temps, as well as setting the fan curve.

    So long as the card doesn't overheat and you stick with stock voltage you're not risking any damage.
  3. whats a good stable temp? i ran a msi kombustor test and i got a stable 67-69 C. Is that stable enough? OC it 45Mhz on core and memory
  4. The 7970 is known as a very good overclocker. Obviously you still want to be safe, look at the review and OC FAQ, but 45 isn't much. As far as the heatsink, the stock one is fine.
  5. Thanks mate, cheers!
  6. Ok here is what you want to do...
    step 1. download msi afterburner, if you dont have a msi gpu it does not matter(also works for nvidia) Link:
    Step 2. download gpu z Link:
    step 3. watch this video:
    Hope this helps
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