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Well Okay, against my better judgement, I decided to update my Bios. I have a 780i sli Nvidia board. My Bios was version NF78 P06, the newest Bios on EVGA site is P10. So I decided I had a pretty old Bios and why not update. So I updated to P10 by burning iso file to disc and booting from disc. Everything went fine. But, now my system freezes when coming out of sleep. So I decided to try P08 as I read on EVGA forums that P09 had same problem. When I flashed P08 the first set of block did not update. But at post it shows P08. Unfortunatly I had even bigger sleep issues with this bios. So I went back to P06 and once again the first set of blocks did not update. At post it shows P06, but in the nvidia control panel under system info it shows P10 as bios version. Everything seems stable and sleep mode seems to be working fine like before. Just wondering if I should try a different method of flash as it seemed like it did not completley update, or is this normal?
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  1. Your better judgement clearly needs a BIOS update lol.

    Read up a bit - it should be possible to restore a "pretty old" BIOS version once you've upgraded, but one never knows.

    Then try a different update method.

    If that doesn't work, then don't let your PC go to sleep. Turn it off and save the environment*!

    * Joke.
  2. My, you have gotten yourself into quite a situation here. Updating the BIOS is good for one reason, and one reason only - to increase functionality. Meaning, that if a BIOS update offers the support of something you need (for example, support for a hexa core CPU and you're upgrading to a hexa core), then update the BIOS.

    That's not to say that if you don't benefit from the update, it is wrong, but as you can see, updating the BIOS often creates instability issues. At this point, I wouldn't recommend you do anything. If it is working fine, leave it alone.
  3. Well the main reason I decided to update the bios is I was having some problems with usb 2.0 devices waking from sleep properly. The release notes for bios versions newer than my P06 bios said that sleep resume functionality, and usb functionality were improved along with other improvement, so I decided to go with the newest version which was P10, also I do plan on upgradeing my cpu in the near future, and it also noted better cpu compatibility. But I guesse having to unplug and plug my webcam every time I wake from sleep isnt that big a deal LOL.
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