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I've got a 3Tb Seagate sata3 dard disk. I have downloaded the Seagate Disk Wizard & ran in on the hard Drive.
When using Disk Manager to format the Disk it shows a little over 2Tb & a little over 0.79Tb. This means two partitions on the Hard Disk.
Is it possible to acheive onr 2.8TB partition?
If so how is this acomplished using Windows XP Home Edition?
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  1. You can not create a single partition >2TB on that drive. XP does not support the GPT partition type required for >2TB partitions.
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    :hello: charlie u don't need a wizard there r 2 thing u do with a new HDD 1 is u mount it with a drive letter, then foramt it u can set the parition at the same time put these tips in a folder data base, like chkcdk/r is error check on main cdkdskspace/r is a deep eror check take a hour :bounce: .... this acticle if u fine it helpfull pass it on...


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