Best card that is no wider than the ATX MB??

So I decided to do a fairly substantial upgrade to my system.....

Asus P6T
i7 960
3 x 2G DDR3

I also decided to get a new case - Antec Solo. My former case was the Antec Sonata.

The only thing I wanted to carry over were my HDD's (300GB Velociraptors) and my 2 nVidia GTX8800 which Id been running in SLI.

The problem is that the Antec Solo case only allows for video cards that are no longer then the width of the ATX MB. My 8800GTX's are 10.5" each and there is no way they will fit.

Not a huge deal, I was on the fence about upgrading them anyways.

So that is my only limitation... the video cards CANNOT be wider than the standard ATX MB dimensions.... the P6T is "ATX Form Factor 12 inch x 9.6 inch"

It seems the nVidia cards are all 10.5" still. The Radeons look to be a bit smaller.

Whats the best I can get that will fit?

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  1. 5770 is 8.5" Most likely your best bet as the others have an issue with the power pins adding length.

    5830 is 11"" but XFXs version is 9.5" however im not sure which direction the power pins are pointing.
    5850 is 9.5" but the power pins are on the end so that might get in the way.
  2. ok cool, I was looking at the 5770. Its not terribly expensive and it will defnitely be faster than my old 8800GTX setup. At that price I'll pick up 2 for a crossfire setup.
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