Motherboard selection - Core I5 Micro Atx Build

Hi everyone!

I've read a lot of reviews on motherboard and I need the community advice.

Must have :

LGA 1156 (i5-750 cpu)
Micro ATX

Wish list :

PCI x16 and PCI x8 x8 in case of crossfire later.
Good quality

I don't plan on overclocking. Maybe a little later, but right now I'm going with stock cooler.

I've seen the Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD2, GA-P55M-UD4 and MSI P55M GD45.

The UD2 is about 110$, UD4 160$, and MSI 135$ ( in Canada )

Of the three, only the UD4 is x8 x8 in case of crossfire.

There is a 50$ gap between the low/high so I'm wondering if it's worth it.. I might as well keep the 50$ and invest in something else or just buy a better video card in 2 years.

Is there any Mobo I have completely overlooked that would be worth it?

The UD4 at 160$ is probably the most expensive I'll go, as it's complete feature wise and Gigabyte is a brand I trust with my personal experience, but I'm opened to the other brand if they can give better bang for the buck.

The MSI P55M GD45 also looks great on paper except for the x16 x4 slots.

Thank you guys for your help!
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  1. ^ Why not a H55 chipset ?
    Check this one out...

    Here it says the PCIe slots operated at x8x8 when Crossfiring...

    But better to get it confirmed though...
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