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Greetings to computer geniuses. :)

I have been playing Aion on my desktop for a while and noticed it crashes every 6 hours or so. (Yeah, I play a lot) I thought it could be a graphic card issue and wondering if a upgrade on graphic cards will help.

So. this is the facts.

1. I run dual monitors, 22 inch ACER and a Hyvision LCD screens connected with DVI.

2. I use Ultramon for dual screen support

3. simple Tech Specs.

CPU : Intel 2.4Ghz Core 2 Quad
Hard Drive : Seagate 640GB SATA2
Memory : 4GBs
Graphic card (current) : GeForce 9600 GT
Power : 550W
OS : Windows Vista Home Premium

I want to run Aion with the highest settings possible. Please recommend a card!

By the way, for the budget : thinking of $120. but could expand to $300.

Ps : Whenever the graphic card requires a map change or fast rendering, it's fans go crazy and gets pretty loud. Could it be a heating issue?
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  1. Yeah its most likely a heating issue, Check the temps with GPU-Z.
  2. Rustyy117 said:
    Yeah its most likely a heating issue, Check the temps with GPU-Z.

    What would be an ideal temperature for the GPU during the game?
  3. I would suggest using HW Monitor so that you can watch the temperature of all of the components. Your CPU should not exceed 65C, your GPU will be fine at 85C, above that is hot for a GPU.
  4. agreed. what the above poster said +1^
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    I guess you could bump up to a GTS 250 1 gb if you are a nvidia lover... but its not a huge jump in performance.

    Nvidia kind of has a hole in their lineup below the GTX 260. (and if that's not a name brand 550w PSU I wouldn't suggest you try a 260 on it)

    Are you sli compatible? Otherwise you are probably stuck looking at ATI cards..
  6. the 9600GT runs pretty cool, I ran an Asus 9600GT for a year and it was silent and cool compared to my 9800GT and GT250.

    the GTS 250 would be a solid upgrade over the 9600GT and you could pick one up for $120
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  8. Thanks I guess, although I dont really feel like I earned that :-)
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