Cant get Pinaccle PCTV Stereo to work on new PC, please help!

Ive tried the disc that came with it, no joy, card works perfectly in my old PC. The software that came with it didn't work last time I had to re-install it on my PC, so I used WDM drivers instead, I found the old installer that worked last time and it says the chipset is BT8XX based.

Im running Win XP, 2.16ghz Dual Core with 2gb ram, Win XP SP3. My old rig was running XP with SP3 as well, Ive tried putting the card in a different PCI slot but it makes no difference, here's a screen shot from my device manager.

Ive already tried installing/uninstalling in safe mode a bunch of times, no joy.

Please help, and thanks in advance :(
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    Here is the link to Pinaccle's drivers you need to pick the correct driver for your card.

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