GTX 295 high pitched noise

My Evga GTX 295 co-op is usually quiet but if i start a game it makes a high pitched noise. I cant really hear it with my headset on but if i start Crysis I can hear it clearly. There is nothing touching the fan and i don't get that noise if i manually turn up the fan speed. Is there something wrong with the graphics card or anything else in the computer?
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  1. Its fine, its something to do with power running through the coils and mosfets on the card, PSU and other components, Obviously when you start a game like Crysis the card goes into 3d mode, ups the clocks and needs more voltage hence the noise. All of my cards done it (well maybe not my old x1650 pro)
  2. Thanks
  3. No problem, Crysis seems to be the worst offender (well for me atleast) most other games i dont notice it, 3dmark06 results in a high pitched noise aswell, but its normal and nothing to worry about
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