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Hello all. I bought a Sony Vaio laptop a few days ago, with touch screen and Windows 8 preinstalled. I really like the specs on the box and the form factor of the machine, but I absolutely hate Windows 8 after giving it a try (I'm not averse to "new" -- I had Windows 7 the day it came out). So, I'd like to remove Windows 8 and install Windows 7 on the Vaio, along with setting it up to dual boot Linux. However, I'm concerned about doing this, as the Sony has the setup with switchable video cards (HD4000 and HD 7570M), and the drivers look to be supported through Sony, as opposed to AMD, and I can't tell if this hardware setup is supported under Windows 7.

Anyone done this already with a Vaio? I've seen a couple of threads on it, but haven't run across information more specific to the dual graphics setup.

BTW, the model # is SVE14A27CXH.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. And the answer is - I don't know!

    But please be aware that you will need a separate Windows 7 license. Windows 8 does not come with downgrade rights. A dumb question, but have you looked on Sony's site for support for that model, and looked to see if there are Windows 7 drivers? That's where I would always start.
  2. Read before you leap!
    Should solve your graphics issue, make 8 feel like 7, no worries...
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