If i had 100 computers to hook up in a business how many severs switches and rou

I'm working on a scenario for school a business with 1st floor 2nd floor and basement for warehousing we need to install a whole network there is to be 91 computers running for colledge and pro football related merchandise. how many routers switches and servers would i need.for each floor.
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  1. - 1 server
    - 1 Router
    - 7 - 16 port switches
    - 2 cases of beer
    - 1 bar maid
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  3. Well it all depends, If you wanna configure vlans then you need layer 3 switch to interconnect those vlans but lets assume you want all the workstations under the same broadcast domain then

    1 good server is enough

    3 switches ( two 48 ports switches for the workstations and the third switch to connect both switches to the router )

    1 Router
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