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Does boot time improve after time

Does boot time improve on a new pc after a few days?
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  1. Not typically. One software is fully installed/updated things will "speed up", however as you install new stuff over time, systems will typically slow down as those apps are initated at startup.
  2. rhodsinger said:
    Does boot time improve on a new pc after a few days?

    If u disable start up programs and virus scan on the start it could. And if u unplug USB devices before start.
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    We need to be careful in how we respond to the OP's original question. The general answer is no.

    That is not to say that steps can't be taken to reduce startup times. Two different issues here and nikorr is correct, there are steps that can be implemented to reduce startup times, to include disabling non-essential services, removing apps from the Startup folder, etc.
  4. Normally, no. But if you're using an SSD to cache your hard drive (not as as separate OS drive in its own right) or one of the hybrid hard drives with a flash memory cache then as you use the system more stuff will end up cached on the SSD and that will speed things up.
  5. After you have installed all your apps and rebooted a couple of times, Windows will have learned what to load and how, thus boot times normally become static give or take a millisecond and after a few months it can become longer if your don't defrag.

    I normally clear out the prefetch every month or so and let it rebuild itself over a couple of boots, using ccleaner.
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