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Xmp profile and memory voltage.

I have an ASUS P6t deluxe motherboard and 12 gigs of corsair Ram. My motherboard has an xmp memory profile but it puts the voltage up to 1.66 volts, where I'm told that I shouldn't go past 1.65 volts. When I go to subtract the voltage it goes to 1.64 and for some reason it doesn't run as smooth as it does running on just the regular memory profile (not xmp). I dont want to fry the qpi and ruin my processor, does anyone know if it is safe to run it at 1.66 volts? Thanks for any help
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    yes its safe to run it at those voltages...but heres a small word of advice, try digging some more on other forums and try to overclock the memory manually by tweaking the voltages and timings...

    sometimes the voltages reported can be faulty, something Asus mobo's are known for doing alot but if you have the option to measure the voltages(via a multimeter), you'll know it accurately. I have this option on my Maximus III Formula and my Rampage Extreme.
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  3. And thank you for the vote, Krash3x !!! GL with the overclock.
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