PCI-E 2.0 vs PCI-E x16

Hi everyone,

I just had a quick question about the different PCI-Express standards and their effect on gaming performance. For example, I have a Radeon 4870 which is 2.0 compatible, but my motherboard is only a PCI-E x16. Am I losing significant performance or is it negligible?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Hey,

    Your performance lost is negligible, although your 4870 is approaching the limit of cards that wouldnt been affected too much by the slot.

    Just a minute.. I know I have an article about this somewhere...
  2. Well never mind.. but the x16 slot has plenty of bandwith for everything but the very highest cards.

    The biggest difference is in the available wattage through the slot--but your 4870 has an external connector anyhow--so it doesn't matter.

    Its more likely that your CPU would bottleneck before the slot does.
  3. You are confusing version with bandwidth or speed, the x16 refers to the amount of bandwith or speed the slot runs at with x16 being the highest and x1 being the lowest and x4 and x8 being the other speeds. The 2.0 refers to the specification of the slot the first was 1.0 followed by 1.0a then 2.0 and the next will be 3.0
  4. I know the difference between bandwidth and version, I typed the question out fast and didn't state both in full. I realize i should have said "pci-e 2.0 x16" and "pci-e 1.0a x16". Sorry, i just got lazy.

    But anyways, thanks for your response deadlockedworld, you were very helpful keep up the good work.
  5. can my computer run gtr 630 with pci e X16 ?
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