Coolermaster HAF 932 & Scythe Mugen 2

i recently bought a Scythe Mugen 2 Rev. B CPU-cooler for my first attempts at overclocking. i've been using an Enermax Phoenix Neo midi-tower for almost 2 years now, but unfortunately, the thick 25cm sidefan in combination with a large CPU heatsink such as the Mugen means the case can no longer be closed. the case would barely fit the Mugen without the sidefan.

in my quest to find a suitable replacement case i stumbled across the Coolermaster HAF 932. not only does it have excellent cooling capabilities it's also larger than my current midi-tower which allows for easier parts installation and cable management. it would be the case of my choice right now.

however, i still don't know if the case would be compatible with the Mugen 2 Rev. B considering that the HAF 932 also has a 23cm sidefan.

does anybody have any experience with this particular combination?
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  1. Quote:
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    First, I believe that you have a haf 932-which is 22cm's.
    Second, You need a better cooler,( one that fits I mean.)
    Third: this is what I reccomend:

    Also, find your fans for push/pull. If there is anything else, just post.

    thanks for replying. :)

    perhaps my wording was a bit inaccurate: i do not yet have the HAF 932. i'm still using an Enermax Phoenix Neo, a medium sized tower with a bulky sidefan. the 932 is the full tower i'm eyeing as a replacement/upgrade for my Enermax case.

    buying a different, smaller CPU cooler would no doubt be cheaper, but since i've only just bought the Mugen 2 that's not an option. IMO, if the case cannot accommodate a widely used part like the Mugen, it's time to replace it. besides, the Phoenix Neo has practically no options in terms of airflow and cooling, whereas the 932 has plenty.

    also, i have since read a number of times that the 932 accommodates the Mugen 2 without any problems, so i went ahead and ordered it.
  2. The HAF932 is a whopping 9.6" wide so it'll fit the Mugen 2 even with the side fan.
  3. logan the huge said:
    The HAF932 is a whopping 9.6" wide so it'll fit the Mugen 2 even with the side fan.

    nice, thanks. :)
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