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Multiple Xp versions one bootable usb drive

I have got a SanDisk Cruzer usb memory stick and im trying to put a copy of Windows Xp 9 in 1 (A disk that is available of torrent sites that has oem, retail and corportae versions of xp pro and home).

Im having several problems with doing this:
1) if I use programs like Unetbootin it extracts the contents and it ends up to be over 4gb my usb stick is only 4gb.

2) If I use Yumi or FlashBoot the usb stick boots but when I get to a certain stage in the xp setup I get a BSOD

Does anybody have any suugestions on how to make this ISO bootable from a USB stick?
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    1) The OS is designed not to boot from a USB device.
    2) The torrent disks are illegal copies and may not be discussed here.
    3) XP is big. Your drive is not big enough to run XP.
  2. Tom's Hardware doesn't support piracy!
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