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How much can I expect my power consumption to change as I overclock my processor? I'm building a new PC and while I plan to overclock I don't know enough about how this will affect the power requirements of my system. I have an HX650 for my PSU and the processor will be an i5-750 or a 1055T (still trying to decide which will be a better fit for me).
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  1. What kind of video card setup do you have the HX650 will be able to handle alot of power so really unless you crossfireing a couple of HD5970's or doing SLI with GTX480's your PSU will be plenty of power for you.
  2. I'm going to be using an ASUS DirectCU 5850. Would you be able to tell me anything about actual numbers I can expect to see?
  3. Based on my experience, CPU power consumption will go up about 20% - 25% depending on the core voltage used.

    Rough (very rough) approximation:

    (OC'd CPU core voltage)^2 / (Stock CPU core voltage)^2 * Stock CPU power
  4. I5 750 is rated at 95 watts, with 1.44 @4.00ghz it can pull 220+, you start getting diminishing returns for your power. Thats why Intel clocks/volts them the way they do :)

    Heres one review where they noted a 75 watt increase going to 3.6@1.31 V

    Another Lynfield review at guru 3d
    What a lot of you do not realize that overclocking a processor can consume heaps of wattage. We put this to the test by monitoring power consumption with the processor at its default settings and then overclocked at 4.1 GHz. The results are flabbergasting, when we stress the 4 (8 threaded) CPU cores 100% at default (Turbo on) we peak at only 162 Watts.

    Once we overclock to 4.1 GHz... the power consumption all of a sudden is 295 Watts (!), so an additional 1200 MHz of power is costing us an additional 133 Watts.

    Stuff to think about before you start to overclock as that is almost silly.
  5. Interestingly, both those articles seem to be getting different results. I read that guru3d article earlier this morning but also found this THG article that helped put this data into a different perspective:


    It's looking like the i5-750 is great for power usage to performance ratio up to about 3.8 on the chip they used. At any rate it offers better performance that running it at stock.

    I haven't really found much information on the power consumption of an overclocked 1055T but things are looking a bit grim from what I've seen so far.
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