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Going crazy trying to add HD please help.

  • Windows XP
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November 15, 2012 10:15:45 PM

My goal is to install an WD30EZRS hard drive in Windows XP Sp3 32bit . I did it before when I bought the first one, this is a replacement from WD.
Last time I used Paragon Disc manager and a set of instructions I found with a Google search. I cannot find the instructions now. I think it involved
converting to GPT and then installing normally. It worked fine and gave me the entire 3tb in a single partition.
I still have the Paragon and it will change the drive to GPT. XP can find it only in the Device manager though and at first not in the Disc management. At times Paragon will only see it as a 2tb drive. Right now PParagon shows me that I nave 2 unallocated drives one at 32tb and one at 746gb both unallocated. Disc management shows nothing in the upper pane and a 2t (Disc 0)and a 3/4tDisc 5) in the lower. Neither of them can be allocated or given a letter. Neither show in My Computer. The Paragon delete partition (hoping to start over) cannot display either of the partitions and states that it is because they are empty. Create partition shows both. Format does not display them.
Acronis from WD can see them and will go through a format and install routine but they still only show in Disk management lower pane. They both show in the Extended capacity manager.the drive is not set up for use in my system and offers to prepare it. WD shows only a 5.35 MB drive with that model # which it will gladly install properly but that is mo help. Somewhere in there something changes it to the original file system (not GPT).
I would like to install it as a 3 tb drive. If I can't a 1tg and a2 tg would be OK. Worst case even just a 2 tb would help. Even being able to wipe all of the settings from the drive and start over would help. I am going to try to add some screen shots here. Anything you can tell me would help.
I made the screeners but can't add them here if anyone wants them I can send direct with an email. Sorry.

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November 19, 2012 10:02:04 PM

hang-the-9 said:
You can use the 3TB drive, but not as a system drive.

I would set it up as 3 partitions though to avoid future issues.

Thanks. I knew it could be done because I did it before but can't remember how. Old age ;-) I have been to the ghacks page before I posted this and I downloaded the software and tried to follow the instructions but it just would not work for me. This may be pushing my skill level. I'll return to it and have another try. Thanks.
November 30, 2012 12:18:00 PM

I discovered something that made it easier to install the drives. After I began having trouble with 3 drives I rethought the problem. I was missing a driver from the Marvell Raid array. I did get a warning but when I googled the warning the consensus was to ignore it because I did not need it. Not so. I needed it. I have 2 separate sets of SATA inputs on this MB. One uses Marvell and one uses Intel Matrix Raid array drivers. I don't use a raid array but those drivers are necessary. I use 6 drives and the ones that couldn't be installed were the ones on the Marvell array. Odly enough the ones that were installed earlier did run but not as well. Since my XP was 5 years old I did do a clean install and added the drivers with the F6 during the setup and this solved some problems. Since I was sick of screwing around at that point I just used a regular partitioning program to make a 2Tb partition and another with the remainder and it installed OK after only a little screwing around. This is just in case someone finds themselves in the same spot. The Marvell drivers can be installed without a clean install if you don't need one.