How to max my internet (bog it down so the speed is terribly slow)

I live in apartment of 6 people. I have 5 people in the same apartment i dont know and i hate. Theres 2 twinks in the front room, im tired of them and i hate them. They stink of must, never clean and turn the heater to 75 and walk around is tight tight shorts and show their ugly skinny ass, they also bog down the internet.

Now i want revenge, its far worse than it sounds, they do more *** to piss me off. All i want is to know a website or program to make the internet unusable. I already struggle to use it since they are on it all the time.
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  1. If you have the router setup login password you could just cut them off occasionally by rebooting the router, disconnecting the WAN, applying Access List filter or blocking sites you know they go to. The latter usually puts up a flag pointing the finger at the router but the rest just seem like glitches.

    If you don't have the router password you could buy a used wireless router (they often turn up in the garbage round here) and set it up on the same channel and with the same SSID, hoping that they'll log onto that in error instead of the one that's connected to the internet. Also, if it's on the same channel and the main router is on auto-channel-select the new router might bounce the main one onto an alternate channel, possibly confusing their computers.

    This might encourage your flatmates to be less selfish with the internet -- you never know they might spend the time saved cleaning instead.

    At the very least you'll learn something about setting up a router.

    Of course you could just speak to them about their usage of the internet or, indeed, look for somewhere else to live.
  2. Wow thats smart, ill remember that for later. But unfortunately we all use ethernet cords.
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