XFX 7870 memory issue?

i have tried many way to overclock my XFX 7870 video card. I'm able to raise my core clock by at least 100mhz , and my result seems to improve well. But as soon as I try to raise my memory clock to 1225 mhz so 25mhz my result in 3d mark 11 for example drop to 2400pts.... My normal result in 3d mark with no overclock are around 5400 and this seems to be in the lower third to...
A funny fact :
If I down clock my core and memory clock by 25mhz , my result in 3d mark raise up by 100 pts...
See my result....
overclock by 25 mhz core and memory : I have set power limit to +20%
downclock by 25mhz core and memory:
Stock :

I submit a support ticket to XFX, and their only answer was that my number are rock solid, you have a good product and you need veteran skill to overclock a video card... What a nice answer.

I use afterburner 3.2 and I have lastest catalyst driver instal. I also format my win7 twice and perform cleaner sweep before installing catalyst....

Heres my spec :

XFX 7870 double fan
2x4 gb gskill sniper
ocz vertex 4 128gb

Do I miss something in overclocking? or I should RMA , because of faulty memory?
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  1. Don't overclock memory chips! Simple as that! They are the lead cause to people killing their graphics cards during overclocking. Ideally you want to overclock the core, memory OC won't help you get as much performance.
  2. Well... why most of 7870 overclockers raise their memory clock up to 1450mhz.... without any issue or voltage tweeking?

    Also, is 5400 pts in 3dmark11 with my rig?
  3. In fact I will like to have few opinion, if you people belive that my hardware is faulty... because I don't understand how a small raise of 25 mhz on memoty clock can bring my FPS in 3dmark11 from 28 to 15 FPS!
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