Best cooler for my FX-6100

Hello everyone,
I just set up my computer two weeks ago and i want to overclock my CPU in the future. The thing is at that time i didn't have money to spare on a cooler too so i am now running the cpu on the stock cooler. It's not suck a big deal since it doesn't get any hotter than 52 degrees in games (meaning real games not mmorpgs or anything) but the thing is i want to oc it to 4 Ghz or MAX 4.3 Ghz..

Now here's the deal I've recently wanted to buy a water cooler because i heard that it cools very good but just the IDEA of water near the components scares me a bit. I'm not a rich man and my computer with taxes was 1000$ (ofc you will see that the prices of the components have much lower prices but i pay 24% OF THE TOTAL PRICE TO THE GOVERNMENT BECAUSE OF THE TAXES so I paid 124% of what i wanted meaning 1000$ ).

I would prefer an air cooling cooler with heatpipes and i don't care of the price (i will buy it in the future) I just want it to be compatible with my case (I don't have a lot of room left ).

My specs:

CPU: AMD FX-6100 stock 3.3 ghz (turbo 3.9 Ghz )
GPU: Gainward NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2 GB OC 1006 Mhz and 3054 memory clock (+ 3054 Mhz on turbo)
Mobo: GA-970A-D3
RAM: Corsair CMZ8GX3M2A1866C9 (8GB 1866 Mhz )
Case: Segotep C2R

And here is a picture to let you see how much space i have left between the CPU and the RAM:

Sorry I didn't know how to post the image instantly as this is my first post here :D :D

If you have any good cpu cooler recommendations that can fit in there please post them here :D
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  1. I overclocked my 6100 to 4.6 at 1.478V and am running hyper 212. My idle cpu temp is 32C. My bios tells me its around 36C for my cpu. So overall pretty cool. When I play crisis 2 or Black Ops 2 my cpu went from 32C to 45C. Not bad. When I run prime ( the most heat extensive one I cant remember) my cpu went as high as 62C. Which is not bad considering prime95 stresses your cpu quite abit. Hyper 212 is very good for air cooling and should fit your case. Since you are doing it to 4.3 ghz this cooler should be more then enough-they go for $34-$36 (Canadian money so prob 35-37 usd not sure but cheap nonetheless
  2. I second that. Using a hyper 212 evo, I have a fx 6300 running at 4.7 and even with p95 it never got hotter than 65.
  3. I love my hyper 212 Evo I have on my 8320. It's oc'd to 4.2 and doesn't go over 55c while playing BF3
  4. Thnx alot i'll keep that in mind :)
  5. I use a deepcool mc3002gx on my fx 8350 and 1100t , when overclocked they never get over 53c 8350 4,3 1100t 3.9 , not big OC but they run cool . the cooler is a bit smaller than the 212 with a low rpm 120mm fan so it runs quiet , and 18.00 .
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