Advise me please.

hello, first allow me to say what a great website, iwas very impressed. i finally saved up enough money and i want to build a new system. i spend so much time on the computer and i do not come from a rich background so i want to do this right once and hope for a pc that will last me a while.

below i will list the parts i have chosen and my questions about them

* CPU: i7-975 3.3ghz, i wont OC because its expensive processor and dont wanna risk it
* MOBO: gigabyte x58 UD7
* RAM: corsair dominator GT pc3 16000, 2000 MHZ 2x3GB (6GB) , with a ram cooler
* HDD: WD raptor 10,000 rpm 300gb boot drive
* HDD2: WD 1TB 7200rpm black cavier sata 6gb/s .
* PSU: corsair HX 1000w
* GPU: XFX 5970 black edition
* DVD: LG blu ray 10x reader / DVD Rw 16x
* Thermal Compound: Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound - OEM
*OS:windows 7 64 bit professional

now this is where it gets confusing for me

i dont know what cpu cooler to choose and what case to pick and i have narrowed down to the following according to what is available in my country.

for the cooler i am stuck between the noctua NH u12 the NH d 14 and h50 corsair.

if possible i would like to avoid the h50 cause i will have to remove a fan from the case.

my issue with the D14 is with the corsair ram dominator it wont work. from my research this cooler covers some ram slots and if i want the triple channel config i must place the ram in the 2nd 4th 6th slot from the left or as they are numbered in the motherboard manual ddr_1 ddr_3 ddr_5.

is there anyway to allow the D14 to work with the ram i choose in triple channel config and dont forget the ram will come with a ram cooler fan.
if not the d14 then the u12 noctua

second is the case. depends on the result of the cooler above i am stuck between the coolmaster cosmos s 'sport' and the thermal take spedo. i want something with the best airflow possible and i dont care about noise but obviously something normal or a little loud..

i researched both but am not confident with the plastic parts of the spedo yet about the cosmos s am not sure of the airflow. i am prepared to do what ever to make this system work.

my idea is pick cosmos S and D14, (not sure if it fits in cosmos) then if the d 14 covers first and second ram slot ill use the first ram card with out the heat sink, but keep the other 2 ram chips as is and fix the cooler over the last 4 slots.. yet am not sure if this will all fit together. if not most prob pick the u12 with the cool master cosmos s. it will fit with the ram and the ram coolers. ill place 2 fans at the bottom of the cosmos as intake ... ill remove 3 bays from the front as i only need 1 bay for 1 drive and 3.5" for card reader. ill add a 2 fans there in push pull config like in this video
and 3 outtake fans on top.

i have done research for a week and i would appreciate any DETAILED help and explanation to improve my choices. i am willing to call u if it need be, my knowledge in computers is good but not fierce so i am willing to listen learn and except your views dear readers :D

thank you and ill keep checking and communicating with people here. thank you much

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  1. I would ask what your budget is but it really does not look like anyone needs to worry about that seeing the parts you already picked are probably the most expensive on the

    However you did not do a very good job at picking them. What are the primary functions of this computer going to be?

    Also what is the resolution of your monitor as well.

    Just a couple of notes.

    1) You picked dual channel ram and need triple channel. Basically you wan 3x2gb sticks not 2x3gb chips (Assuming that isn't a typo though).

    2) Stick with the 930 not the 975.

    3) Velociraptors are old news get an SSD with the money that you are spending

    4) If you must have a WD drive for a second drive then that one is fine but the Seagate 7200.12 and Spinpoint F3's are just as fast and 30 bucks cheaper.

    5) You said you are not Over clocking so no need for an after market cooler or any extra thermal paste. Factor cooler and paste should be fine.
  2. thank you for ur reply , ill make some clarifications,

    1)it was a type i did mean 3x2gb hehe.

    2)am getting a good deal with 975 thats why i am going for it

    3)in my country United arab emirates..SSD is really expensive and i researched it. id rather have a 300gb raptor than 64gb ssd hehe

    4) WD is the only one i am able to purchase here

    5)i might decide to overclock when i learn more about it thats why i am preparing for it.

    actually yes right now my budget fits exactly what i listed above. this is a graduation gift plus a lot of money i worked for and saved up.

    this will be a gaming rig most probably and heavy used.. i dont switch my current pc of for like 1 month... and am getting this opportunity now and its my only chance to get this peice before before the people helping me with the funding change thier mind lol.

    i also need a rig that will last me 5 years+ while maintaining mini upgrades on it.. yes i know 5 years in the computer world is absurd but i will try lol.

    i dont have a great monitor right now but i will purchase a really good one soon.

    so based on this information what do i think, also on most of the parts like i mentioned above are already settled.. i just need to decide with case and cooler and see if everything fits together lol and if some1 can help me manage a good airflow design that would be great.

    thanks again for your reply and please feel free advice me more.
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