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I have a self build PC and with some high demanding games such as Call of Duty MW2, Napoleon: Total War, Crysis etc, artefacts occur.

I have done several things myself. AS a start I sent my GFX to the shop i bought it from and to the manufacterer. Both found no problems and the gfx was even tested with MW2 with all setting as high as possible.

Second I replaced my cpu cooler since the temperatures were at 68C max with the stock cooler, now its not higher then 50C, but the artefacts are still there.

So can it be something else? My thought is artefacts=display=gfx but somehow the shop and manufacterer theres nothing wrong with the card.

I hope you can help me, these are my pc speccs:

CPU: Intel Quad Q9550@2,8Ghz
Mobo: MSI p45 Neo3 FR
Memory: GeIL CL5-5-5DDR2800 5 (2x2gb)
PSU: Antec Earthwatts 650W
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  1. Are you OCing the GPU? guessing by the ftw version you are... try it at stock speeds and see if the artefacts go away
  2. The gfx is at a stock speed. EVGA tweaked this gfx itself to make it faster then the orignial gtx285. I OCed nothing myself.
  3. Mm, what i meant was to downclock it back to reference stock speeds, not evgas speeds, what speeds it running at at the moment?
  4. core: 720mhz
    shader clock: 1620mhz
    memory clock: 1390mhz

    Unlocked it at the normal gtx speed:
    core: 648mhz
    shader clock: 1476mhz
    memory clock: 1242mhz

    This had however no affect.
  5. cant edit, but here are the stats of the gfx
  6. Hmm, artefacting is more than likely to be the GPU... try a borrowing a card off a friend and see if that works fine? If you cant... RMAing i would think..
    How long have had this card and when did the problems start?
  7. Really apreciate your effort P1n3apqlExpr3ss.

    I have this problem since the beginning I build this PC. (only played world of warcraft, wich has no problems at all unless i turn shadows off), this doesnt help with other games tho). The card is almost one year old.

    Already RMA'd it to evga, they found no problems with modern warfare 2 and some other tests, while I do have problems with it.

    Ill try to borrow a friends gfx next week.

    On a sidenote, I read there could also be something wrong with my memory or false power supply?
  8. Possibly could be something like that.. try running it with just one dimm in at a time, try running memtest as well
  9. memtest showed no errors, kept it running for about 4 hours with all programs closed.
  10. If the card is running fine then it must be either the psu or the board. Try new drivers as well. Turn the fan speed up in riva tuner as well and see if things remain the same.
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