Will my power supply support this setup?

I"ve got a 750W power supply that came in my Alienware 101-B. I just upgraded to an AMD 955 BE and plan on upgrading to a pair of Sapphire 5850 Toxic editions within the next couple of weeks. I'm also running 4 internal hard drives, 2 of which are Seagate, and 2 that are Western Digital. Any idea on if I would be pushing my limit with 2 of these cards?
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  1. Probably not.

    What kind of 750 watt PSU?
  2. It's a Corsair 750 watt supply. Probably can't support it or probably wont be an issue for it?
  3. I am pretty sure that your PSU has power enough.
    The CORSAIR HX750 is an impressive power supply with a very high efficiency and with only high-end components inside (only Japanese capacitors and solid caps on the DC-DC converters in charge of the + 5 V and +3.3 V outputs).
    You should be able to pull it up to 900 W at very good temperatures.
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    Your power supply will be plenty. Take a look at this site and calculate your power needs! I did a quick calculation for you and your new power consumption will be a bit above 500W. You'll be fine!

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