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I finished building my PC yesterday and after installing windows and general setup I noticed the CPU fan was very loud, I looked in the Bios and it is running at 2000 rpm (its a 2000rpm max fan). No matter what changes I make the to ideal CPU temp and min/max fan values it still stays the same, I've even swapped the fans and still the same story.

Motherboard: MSI Z77-G43
Fan: Zero Infinity Phantom Night stock fan
Fan 2: Zaward Golf Fan G3

Can anyone help?
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  1. Judging by the image on this review http://www.mega-labs.com/phantom_page_3.html its not a pwm fan which it needs to be to control the fan speed from the motherboard
  2. The fans that connect via 3 pins (Ie Yours) and not 4 run at 100% all the time. They can be controlled via a fan controller through voltage.
  3. Good choice
  4. make sure the fan you have now is on tight and in the bios change the fan speed.
    CPU Smart Fan Target.
    if it set to off or max your cpu fan will max out try setting it to 40-45c.
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