My monitor wont recieve signal

hi guys, i have a problem with my monitor and rams. i have 2 stick of 2 gb of ocz ddr2 1066 mhz rams. if i install both of them in, it will not work, but if i take one out my computer would boot fine. ive tried setting my volts to .2 but nothing. i know for sure both of my rams works fine bc ive tested it. is there any solution for this? thanks
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  1. What's your computer setup? Do you have a dedicated graphics card?
  2. mobo: gigbyte ma-790x
    memory:ocz platnum 2x4 ddr2 1066mhz
    gfx: 5850
    psu: 650 watts antec
    hdd: 750 gb
  3. We need more info:

    - You say both RAM sticks are good because you tested them. How did you test them?
    - You say the PC works with one stick of RAM. Does it work with just the other stick of RAM?
    - You say you set 'my volts to .2" Huh?

    If you can boot the PC with either stick of memory . . .

    With one stick of memory installed, clear CMOS** and reload factory defaults*** in BIOS and try again with 2 sticks..

    ** Pull plug from wall, remove battery from mobo, press the case power switch several times (to drain the psu), wait 5 minutes, put the battery back in, put plug into wall, power up and go straight to BIOS setup.

    *** Load factory defaults, save, and exit BIOS. Boot up into Windows, then shut down. Install the second stick of memory and reboot.
  4. i test them by testing those rams one at a time. the monitor would recieve signal if i use one stick. if i put 2 than the monitor will not turn on. its 2.0 votage. i have tried loading my bios everything to default, and i also try to reset the bios by removing the battery from the motherboard. still nothing. is this a common problem? i tried looking everywhere but i cant seem to find a solution.
  5. I should have asked earlier - is this a new build?

    Is the 4-pin power connector plugged into the mobo?

    Are the psu, mobo, or memory all new?

    Did these 2 sticks of RAM ever work in this mobo? Did they ever work in any PC?
  6. its not a new build.

    i have an 8 12v pins, its plugged thats why my computer runs fine even with 1 stick.

    they are all used.

    im sure its not the rams...): and my computer works fine, its just that if i stick 2 sticks in my monitor wouldnt turn on)':
  7. Well, as long as you are sure.
  8. does anyone know the solution for this problem? please help):
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