Undervolting Fans with Molex (12v to 7v)

I had 2x 3pins to molex conectors and I had 2 case fans connected to the motherboard and they were running loud as :o :o :o :o
So I did the modification on the molex adaptor, changing the second (black) with the last (red) (cant remember the right colour because it was one week ago...)
And it works... the fans are much quiter and I ike it... but then I read in the web that you shouldnt do it, and that the psu is going to blow up...
I want to know the real risks of having this instead of the resitor... thanks
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  1. Well I've heard that you can damage the case fans if the voltage is too low, so it can't turn properly, but I've never heard of any damage to the PSU? Could someone please clarify this, as I am literally about to add two undervolted fans to my rig at 5V.
  2. your both wrong..how does a car blower fan work..same way as under volting a pc case fan. the kits that are built right will have a resistor in them. as long as the resistor the right size for the load and heat you wont have any problem. when i talk about heat im talking about the heat from cutting the power down from 12v to 7v. if the parts are sized right the wire and resistor should stay cool. the big brother of the wire and resistor are the fan controllers.
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