M4A785-M Not always booting up!

When the pc is off and then I go to turn it on sometimes it will not boot and the pc just turns on no video is displayed and no beeps from the motherboard. i have to turn it off and back on several times for it to finally start up. i have tried updating the bios, clearing the bios, swapping out ram. What should I try next?
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  1. I had the same problem in my P7P55D.

    About once in every ten cold boots, my PC stuck at the VGA LED shining red. Fans spinning. I had to turn my computer off and back on with the case power button. But once it started, it ran for hours without a problem.

    After several BIOS updates,I no longer experience the problem. It is about 4 months my computer has been starting without a glitch.

    Maybe you have not yet met your sweet BIOS update.
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