Issues with Inspiron 530s and 9800gt low-profile card


I have a Dell Inspiron 530s my brother no longer wants, so I've been toying with it. I am trying to upgrade the graphics card to the Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT, I bought it on Newegg ( along with a power booster ( since, in addition to the onboard power supply not being up to snuff to power the card, the 530s has SATA adapters. The new power supply allows me to get the wattage I need and also connect the VGA directly to the booster without hunting down some way to go from SATA to six-pin PCI-E. The booster is oustide the case with the wires running through one of the extra PCI slots on the back, inelegant but it works.

My issue: When I boot up with the new card installed, the fans run (including the card's fan), and it gives me the solitary beep for a proper POST, but there is no display. Monitor appears to be in power save mode with no response to the new card. The card that came with the system (ATI/Radeon 3400 series) still works fine in the PCI Express 2.0 slot I am using. For some reason my system or my monitor does not recognize the new card.

Things I have tried:

1.) Switching to the old card. It still works. New card does not.

2.) Checking on Device Manager and BIOS for display driver settings. There is no integrated card to disable, the onboard card is the ATI card I am replacing. The BIOS is set to have the PCI Express 2.0 slot as the default.

3.) Cleaning the slot and the new card. Still no response.

4.) Calling Dell tech support (lol) and poking around Sparkle's FAQs. Dell concluded that it was a compatibility issue, however several user reviews I have read mention the 530s specifically as a system that this card works in.

I'm at wits end here, but I hate giving up on projects. Is it a lost cause? Motherboard issue? Defective card? Any suggestions?
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  1. Have you uninstalled the ATi drivers before fitting the Nvidia card?
  2. Yea and I cleaned the registry out for good measure, no luck. I'm stumped.
  3. *bump*

    Problem solved. Turns out it was an issue with the cables connecting my new power supply, not the card. Got some new ones, runs great now.
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