Which is the bottleneck: e5300 or HD4770

Hi, I was wondering which of these components is bottlenecking my system with regards to gameplay. My e5300 is overclocked to 3.2ghz. I have been playing the SC2 beta maxed and get some framerate stuttering during intensive fights. I know the beta is probably not totally optimized as of yet and I can see some improvement when the game is fully released, however it got me wondering.

I plan on playing diablo 3 and SC2 in the future. I think that my 4770 is the bottleneck. I know its not an overly powerful card.

Any thoughts?

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  1. bottleneck will vary from game to game.

    SC2 is looking like it like processor speed as well as GPU so it could be either.
  2. I am playing at 1080p. I appreciate the article. It seems as if my CPU is the bottleneck in SC2.

    Overall, which is the weaker component?
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