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I would like to ask some of you to help me. I’m having a problem with my Crucial M4 128GB SSD. When I press the power button My pc boots fans start spinning and then it’s suddently turns off. I does it twice before it actually boots. Does anyone has experience with this problem. If so please tell me how to fix it. I have updated the firmware to latest 0309

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  1. my computer does that if the memory is bad.
  2. you mean the Ram ddr3 memory, how can i check if it working properly?
  3. Use memtest 86. You download the ISO and create a bootable CD. Need to let it run for 6 + hours

    Or Download prime 95
    Prime 95 is run from within windows and I find it better at finding problems. Note with prime 95 you need to monitor your CPU temps closely for the first 15 -> 30 Minutes.
    This will test both the CPU and the Ram.
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