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Hi all... So I just got a new motherboard, it's an ASUS P5Q3 Standard. Problem is that it's Crossfire ready, but I have an nVidia 9800GT (EVGA brand) 512MB DDR3 video now (SLI ready of course). So I was going to try craigslist and see if anyone had the opposite problem as me. I haven't had an ATI card since my Radeon 7200, so can someone tell me which Crossfire card(s) are comparable to mine that would make a nice trade?
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  2. 9800GT? What Naylor posted pretty much.
  3. Cricky!! I meant 9600GT, I changed it...
  4. Nice link, I didn't see it, though I'm not the best at searches, might be ADHD, but I don't..... What was I talking about??
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  6. Yup, it's ADHD to the point I had to walk out of the room, CHECK the damn thing and realize I DO INDEED have a 9800GT, hahaha (no more percocet for me today)
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