H55 or p55

just wondered if it would make much difference if i used h55 instead of p55 ?
i am building this computer as mainly a gaming machine with a single mid range graphics card!
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  1. If you are only going to run a single graphics card, the H55 will perform just as well as a P55 at a lower price :)
  2. The primary differences H55 vs P55
    H55 - | 6 PCI-E | 12 USB 2.0 | Yes FDI support |
    P55 - | 8 PCI-E | 14 USB 2.0 | No FDI support |

    FDI support {Flexible Display Interface} communication of the HD Graphics integrated GPU.

    The problem is that an on-board GPU steals resources including memory, and so if you indeed are adding a dedicated GPU it is not the ideal situation. You will more than likely need to disable the on-board GPU in the BIOS to get back some of the resources, but there still remains the FPS degradation.

    Therefore, if it were 'me' I would opt for the P55 chipset MOBO.
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