Cleaning inside my case - with compressed air?

I was looking around the forums and it seems can of compressed air can be dangerous - condensation being the criminal.

How does a can of Belkins' 'Blaster' fare with its' claims of non-abrasion and moisture-free?

It also says it has pressure control - what settings should I use and what's the general do/dont's of cleaning the dust out of your case i.e., what's the best way of cleaning dust out of your case?
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  1. Compressed air is fine to use and I can't see how its dangerous at all. The majority of compressed air tins blow out air when you hold them the right way up and liquid CO2 (I think!) when you hold them upside down and spray. Just air is the recommended option although the liquid stuff evaporates so quickly it probably wouldn't do any damage anyway, as long as you obviously ensure that your PC is turned off and unplugged!

    General things to watch out for are to hold the fans still when you use the air so that they don't freely rotate and damage the motot. Many people recommend against using vacuum cleaners due to the potential for static electricity. There's not really an awful lot you can do wrong as long as you're sensible and use your common sense :D Best of luck!
  2. Thank you :love:
  3. yep moody89 said it all!
    but i dont see how the fan doign a little spining can damage the motor. after all, a fan is made to spin! lol
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