Advice on new mobo pls.

Hey guys, I want to upgrade my motherboard to one that supports DDR2 AND DDR3, on the socket AM2/+/3

I have a Athlon II X3 445, and I want to unlock it....

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  1. Asrock makes the n68c-s ($41.99 plus shipping at newegg) that can unlock a core and has 2 ddr2 and 2 ddr3 slots; reviews are pretty good, but unlocking is hit or miss. Similar boards by other brands will have the same chipset, so this asrock is as good as it gets.
  2. Hmm that chipset is 3 years old, anything newer, any boards with DDR2 and DDR3 on AM3, IDC about unlock .
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  4. No. I advise you sell off your ddr2 and make the change now to an 870 or 890 chipset board. DDr3 continues to drop in price. I find 2x2gb kits as low as $60 used where I live.
  5. Hmm I only have enough money for a mobo.....
  6. well can you advise me a cheap motherboard...

    here is my setup

    AMD II X3 445

    580W PSU

    2GB DDR 800


    SO I need a new mobo that has good over clocking capabilities and UCC/ACC
  7. help.
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  9. Have you tried selling your old ddr2? You can post it free on craigslist or anandtech's for sale forum. You don't need but 2 gb of ddr3 to get started. If you get $35 for your old ram, you can get 2 gb of ddr3 (single stick) for around $50, and add a second stick later. Newegg has a biostar 785 board for only $59.99 with email promo code if you register with them. That price will probably end today, but they will have more deals on black friday weekend. The biostar board has unlocking abilities; I have used their t-force series boards, and they are all pretty good, including the 870. Only negative is that they don't pay their rebates. I'm still waiting on four of them, some are nine months old.
  10. ASRock N68C-S UCC -

    However, keeping your OLD DDR2 memory severely limits both your MOBO choices and RAM upgradability. And the DDR2 + DDR3 CANNOT be mixed.

    2 DDR2
    2 DDR3
  11. I wont be able to sell my DDR2, because I dont have a ebay , but my mum does, so I will ask her.
  12. OK I will try to sell my DDR2, so is there any good motherboards with UCC/ACC With the AMD chipset's, also will a nvidia card work in a AMD chipset board?
  13. 99.9999% don't know UCC -> Unlock Cpu Core ; ACC -> Advanced Core Calibration

    ASUS list -

    Of that list
    Onboard GPU {I recommend against, but if you prefer} M4A89GTD PRO/USB3
    Top pick - Crosshair III Formula

    However, I 'normally' don't select a MOBO because it will unlock a core for an inexpensive CPU; priorities.
  14. That motherboard is too much I dont have that money because I already spent £150 on GT240 + AMD II 445

    any cheaper ones?
  15. There's an entire list of ASUS MOBO's linked above, open the links and review the features you need {I would stay in the 780 or higher chipset}.

    Otherwise, work backwards -> 'shop' the MOBO then see if it is listed on the ASUS UCC list.
  16. Can I ask what Phase Power Design is?
  17. I the number of Phase per CPU or RAM {e.g. 8+2; 8 CPU / 2 RAM} the more the better -- typically.
  18. Im still cant find a motherboard

    can you recommend a cheap one with AMD chipset that has UCC, and OC capability
  20. Thats not cheap.
  21. ASUS M4A785TD-M EVO - but now you're into single and/or on-board GPUs; no 'real' Crossfire - you can add (1) GPU.
  22. I dont mind about crossfire I dont game heavily, I just want a cheap motherboard with UCC/ACC and nice overclocking
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