Crossfire and SLI

when I do SLI or CrossFire do I need to install the same card model ? for example if I installed ATI cards does they need to be the same model or it can be different models number ?

Note: I am not asking if I can install one ATI card with one nVidia card.

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  1. Sapphire HD4850 will work with XFX HD4850.
    HD4770 will not work with HD4850.
  2. the same goes for SLI ?

    this mean if I bought HD4850 now and later I did not find that model I cant use crossfire ?

  3. You can use crossfire with any model HD4850.
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    For Sli the cards have to be the same model but can be from different vendors and whilst they can have different amounts of RAM a) you don't add the RAM together and b) the lowest amount counts, so a 1GB card and a 512 card can be used but the system will see both cards as having 512mb.
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