Problem? with overclocking GPU

Hi. I'm trying to O.C. my card - ASUS GTX 550 Ti. It's factory O.C. to 910MHz.

I was following the guide I found on ROG Asus website.

They said to start with memory ( 100MHz at the time ) and to use FurMark for benchmark. I've done that and I could ALMOST reach max 4400MHz ( using GPU Tweak ). I could go a bit more but I'm afraid...

So I went to GPU Clock / GPU Voltage and from 910MHz I already reach 990MHz without problems, but since Voltage adjust together with Clock, Voltage ( 1125mV ) almost reached max!

Is that safe? Safe to reach almost max possible on GPU tweak?
Should I use different software?

I was tryibg to find some "safe" O.C. settings for my exact GPU but couldn't find it...

That's my latest score:
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  1. 1. there will be no "safe O.C. settings for your exact GPU, because, noone owns your exact GPU all GPU;s are different, one may overclock a lot, another may barely at all.
    2. i would not recomend those voltages on such a small overclock. on GPU tweak there is a padlock next to the voltage and core sliders, change this to the manual, or unlocked setting, and then reset your voltages to stock and work on your core from there, GPU tweak puts too much voltage through the core on auto mode (not so much that you would have damaged the GPU but enough for it to be excessive
  2. i would also keep an eye on your temperatures when you test your overclocks, about 85oC is as high as you can go without the card starting to throttle itself, and anything above 95oC is dangerous
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