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With the Windows 7 CPU & RAM Usage Desktop Widget my RAM always shows me as using a minimum of 30% of my 4GB RAM, usually going from 35 to 50.

I believe this is due to my graphics card asking for shared memory when it doesn't need it.

I have a dedicated ATI HD 5750 512MB which is more than enough for the level of gaming I do, I know that shared memory does nothing to help dedicated graphics so I would like it to be left as application memory.

My motherboard does also have onboard graphics but they are not what is used, do I need to disable my onboard graphics or something through the BIOS?

And I have checked Task Manager and tasks on idle barely add up to 50MB of RAM, I find it hard to believe that Windows 7 alone uses 1.3-2GB of my RAM on its own.

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  1. I "try" and "try some more" to talk people out of using on-board GPU MOBOs with dedicated GPUs. Since you did not list your particular MOBO, you can boot into BIOS and {Disable} the on-board GPU. In addition, Widgets are typically poorly written and like other poorly written Apps can have 'memory leaks' therefore, try a 'upgraded' version or use only those from KNOWN large companies.

    I would easily assume 0.5GB -> bye-bye w/on-board GPU + 0.5~0.75GB -> bye-bye w/OS 32-bit.

    edit: YES, the on-board is sucking resources {bandwidth + shared RAM} whether you connect it to a VGA or whatever connection; if it's listed in the Device Manager is a running, ready. and a sucking away...it's ON.
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