Gateway FX6000-01e/Intel i7-920/Radeon HD4850 Games crash on load

I'm trying to bring this machine back to life (it was free to me so no wisecracks about Gateway!). Worked great when I got it, then just died in the middle of playing Chrysis. I replaced the PSU first with a borrowed Enermax, until I received my new OCZ 600W, which is in there now. The computer works fine with the new PSU's except sometimes (not every time) when I try to play WoW, or my kids play some of their games we'll get an "Out of Range" or "No Signal Input" error on the monitor. Sometimes the GPU will attempt to reset a couple times before locking up. Sometimes I will be notified about my drivers but I have installed the latest again right before posting this. I had a similar problem with another computer (same monitor) that had a weak PSU (stock 140W in HP slimline to run card w/recommended 400w min.) however with the 600W I have surely has plenty of power. I think if the GPU was bad it would be bad all the time, but I have had the games load and play fine on this in between the times it crashes. I don't think the monitor would cause the graphics to crash, but I am not by any means computer savvy- I didn't grow up with them, I was an adult well before I ever saw a Commodore 64! I have searched for the answer to this problem with no success, and my oldest son who has built a few machines and is an avid gamer and technophile doesn't know, either. If I had some spare money I would just start replacing parts until it worked, and if I had more I would just get a new machine, or build one. Anyone have any ideas?
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  1. i had same problem but then reinstall c++ redistri.... goto control panel and check to see in programs if you have c++ 2005 x86 , x64, and the update for 2005 so 3 of those then get the 2008 c++ x86, x64 and its update then uninstall and reistall 10.2 or 10.3 catalyst suite... this fixed all problems for me let me know if this works for u also make sure the monitor is plugged into the number 1 out put from front of puter its on the left
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