Looking to upgrade a 8800 GS

I'm just wondering what's the best upgrade i can get for around $150 dollars, more or less 10 or 20 bucks. I haven't been keeping up with video card updates just because new stuff comes out so fast, so i'm not sure on the naming schemes ATI and Nvidia are using to determine which cards are good and which are bad, like how (x)200 are crap, and the X(8)00 are good last generations for nvidia.

Thanks in advance
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  1. That or this 5770 if you can spend $160+.

    The nVidia 2XX series isn't really crap, but you're better off buying an HD 4XX0 or HD5XX0, they're better deals with more features. The Gefore 9XXXs weren't that bad either, just mostly rebrands.

    Tom's runs a nice article on the best GPU deals every month, you should check it out.
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