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I am looking for a high quality motherboard for gaming. I am looking pretty strongly at the msi 870a-g54. If possible i would like to stay below $150. Mainly i just play games because they are pretty i want to be able to run full graphics on everything no games in specific. I have already settled on crossfire hd 6870s 8gb gskill ddr3 1600 the phenom ii x4 970 black edition 2 250g hdd in raid config and a 60g ssd boot drive and a 500 watt psu. All i need now is a motherboard to put it all together i want a strong backbone. Thank you for all your help!!
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  1. Ok haha good to know. Now as for the motherboard what is the general consencus on the msi 870a-g54 for gaming or is there a better one that i should be looking at?
  2. Welcome newcomer. I would strongly recommend you consider a higher powered PSU to support your crossfire. Take a look at these:



    total is $210 before tax/shipping/rebates
  3. Thank you for the quick reply. I notice that the mobo link you put up there is the same mobo i mentioned is that because it is a good one for gaming?? Also is there a website or some other reference for psu requirements i used the newegg calculator and it said 450w would be enough.
  4. 450W is probably enough, but a quality 450 costs as much as a quality 500+ . . . which is why, at current pricing, we recommend this Seasonic for this type of build:

    High quality and will power any 1 vid card PC.
  5. Ok may sound like a dumb question but can you overpower a pc? The reason why i decided to go with the 500w was like you said there is very little cost difference between 450w and 500.
  6. You can't overpower a PC.
    You can spend way too much on a PSU and underpower your wallet, but that 80+ gold 1200w PSU will still run your computer fine.
  7. For the price range you're comfortable with, the board I linked is the best value. That means you can buy a lower priced mobo, but it also comes with less features/support.

    Go to newegg and do an advanced search for mobo. Sort by northbridge 870, you'll see the results.
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