Is this heat normal? Gigabyte z77 ud5h I7 3770k 4.7 ghz 1.275v

I tried alot of different overclock setups from alot of different guides prior to pushing past 4.4. No settings besides Voltage + Frequency was actually causing any improvement to my knowledge so I just fiddled with it myself untill I got what I am pretty sure was a stable enough 4.5. So I began incrementally tweaking up from there.

I am currently typing this on the 4.7 overclock mentioned above. 25c - 38c while writing this with core temp and cpu-z running.

Any advice would be helpful. But I definately dont want to push to hard and *** something up.

Really concerned with 80c on core #1. From what ive read it is considered to high by most, but there are those who would call 80c stable.... but not untill a 24 hour prime run.

Also, is the Small FTT's 8 thread torture test the best judge of a stable overclock? Because I am at like 60c with the blend version.
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  1. That ended up confusing because the first half of my message was somehow lost. To Clear things up.

    I ran prime 95 for 15 - 20 minutes on Small FTT's 8 Thread Torture Test with this setup and all cores but 1 were around 72-75 max, Core 1 hit 82 max. I didnt want to continue for fear of damaging the cpu. How can I decrease the heat but keep the 4.7 overclock. I am using a H100i and a Coolermaster HAFX. I realize Ivy Bridge Runs Hot But Aside from Real water cooling this system is about as you can get. It seems odd to me that im pushing past 80c with a 4.7 considering my cooling setup. I have no desire to go past 4.7 I just want to get it stable. is Small FTT's a good judge of a stable overclock? because on blend i maxed out at 60ish celcius.
  2. Update: I dropped the Voltage to 1.260 to see if I could reduce heat. Heat went down 4 degrees across the board but after 10 minutes on Small FTT 8 Thread Torture Test one of the cpu cores had a hardware failure and dropped to 50% load. I really dont know what to do at this point. I feel that it shouldnt run as hot as 80c.... I clearly need the extra voltage of 1.275. Haf X with all fans spinning at max and a corsair h100i cooling unit. I would expect more..... should I get better thermal paste? I used what came with the h100 because when looking it up all reviews said it was equally as good as arctic silver.
  3. please help
  4. Around 80C, although pretty hot, should be fairly safe for Ivy Bridge CPUs. They're rated for up to 105 Celsius IIRC.

    EDIT: Most other CPUs would start to worry me at such temps, but Ivy is very good at stability with high temps (ironically, it's also known for reaching very high temps due to the crap paste between the IHS and the CPU die where fluxless solder used to be used).
  5. Kolt - I run GA-z77x-UD5H and 3770k with H80 and a full case (CM storm trooper)

    none the less I run AutoTune 6 (basically a program to OC for dummies) and i set to max which is 4.7 (rounded up) and while gaming im in the 65-75c bracket, i idle at 30c.

    When I stress test for about 15 mins at 100% load the highest core #1 ever got was 81c (at its peak) primarily stayed at mid 70s at full load.

    FYI most reviews I have read had shown that Intel says this can be run in the 80c's and thats np.. some even say higher.
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